Welcome to the art of saddle fitting!

Saddle fitting is an art.

Riding is dynamic – the horse is ever changing, the rider’s balance is constantly in flux.  The static nature of a saddle means that we can only approximate the ‘best fit’ for the horse based on his current conformation, his strength, flexibility, movement, and past experiences with saddlery and training.

We must start somewhere, however, if we want to ride in a saddle.  Let our first goal be to learn about these dynamic factors and place them into a mosaic of understanding that allows rider and horse to be as comfortable as possible.

For years I have helped riders fit saddles and tack to their horses, hoping that both human and equine could experience the same state of joy and progression in riding that I have found.

A well fitting saddle should make you feel confident and balanced — the saddle should disappear beneath you, so you can concentrate on the dance with your horse. This blog will discuss saddle fitting myths and tips, for a better saddlery experience.

I do not claim to have all the answers — this is an art, not a science.

Ride the adventure!

Crista Vesel


One thought on “Welcome to the art of saddle fitting!

  1. When you leave Crista with your patterns, you have the ability to judge if a saddle will fit before ever bringing it home. No more wondering, no more bringing every saddle home not really knowing if it truly fits. And the best part? Crista is a great teacher. You learn about rocker, twist, bars, every aspect of the saddle. And she is not predjudiced towards a certain type/style of saddle. The stress is on finding the best fit possible.

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